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Role Overview - AccountAdmin


The 'AccountAdmin' role is one of the standard system roles. It will give the user the ability to update the settings for an account, including adding new users and branches and and updating user access. 

This role can be given to new users by anyone with the account admin role, and is usually limited to a very small number of users. 

It is important to note that a user can have multiple roles at once. Thus it will often be the case that to give a user the correct access controls they will need to be given a selection of roles. 

The below table indicates the documents, record types and tab a user with this role can access.


Document types approve create delete update upload view
Training Guide            
Taxation Documentation            
Account Admin Import Records reporting Seek ApiUser Training Admin update Update Users view Approve SelfService messaging Whs Admin  payrollMapping
Record Types updateNotes accessChecklists view viewNotes accessDocs convert create deleteNotes transfer update
Tabs show        
Default: /Grievances          
Volunteer: /Volunteer Resources          
Users with 'AccountAdmin' role will also have access to the following:
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