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Role Overview - Volunteer Management


The Volunteer management role will give the user the ability to do the majority of activities that can be done against a volunteer record. For example the user will be able to create a new volunteer and upload new documents or notes against a volunteer record. 

Important Information: This role can be assigned by someone with the Account Administrator Role. Once assigned the user granted the role will have access to the Volunteer Management module. This action may result in additional licence fees being charged to your account. 

NB: a user can have multiple roles at once. Thus it will often be the case that to give a user the correct access controls they will need to be given selection of roles. 

The below table indicates what a user with this role can access in term of document type, module, record type and tab.

Document Types approve create delete update upload view


Other Document            
Medical Qualification            
Confidentiality Agreement            
Professional Registration / Membership            
Training Document            
Application (APP)
Checks (Checks)

Modules access        
Volunteer Management          

Record Types accessChecklists accessDocs convert create deleteNotes transfer update updateNotes view viewNotes viewTraining

Tabs show upload

Volunteer: /Candidates (V)

Volunteer: /General Volunteer Docs [enablehr]    
Volunteer: /Volunteer Resources [enablehr]    
Volunteer: /Volunteers    


Document Tracking tasks          


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