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Role Overview - EmployeeManagement


The Employee management role is one of the standard system roles. It will give the user the ability to do the majority of activities that can be done against an employee or candidate record. For example they will be able to create a new employee and upload new documents or nots against an employee record. 

This role can be given to new users by anyone with the account admin role, and is usually one of the standard roles that is automatically given to a new user when they are first created. 

It is important to note that a user can have multiple roles at once. Thus it will often be the case that to give a user the correct access controls they will need to be given a selection of roles. 

There are various different components to a role and each will provide some access control over what a user with this role can do. These consist of limiting what documents types, tabs, record types and modules a user with this role can see and also what they can do with these. 

The below table shows what a user with this role can do with various document types. Note if a document type does not appear in this list then the user with only this role will not be able to see it. 

Documents Types approve create delete update upload view
Other Document            
Other (WHS)            
Enterprise Agreement            
Employment Contract            
eSS Doc            
eSS Form            
Training Guide            
Individual Flexibility Agreement            
Individual Transitional Employment Agreement            
Correspondence (Property)            
Leave Form             
Medical Qualification             
Confidentiality Agreement             
Position Description             
Performance Management             
Performance Review            
Professional Registration / Membership            
Recruitment (RECR)            
Super Form            
Training Document            
Workplace Authority Lodgement Receipt            


The below table shows which record types (e.g an employee, a contractor etc.) A user with this role can see and what they can do / see in that record. Note if a record type is not in this list then it cannot be seen by a user with only this role. 

Record Types accessChecklist accessDocs convert create deleteNotes transfer update updateNotes view viewnotes viewTraining


The below table shows which tabs in enableHR the user with this role will be able to see, and if they can upload documents to this tab. Note if a tab is not in this list then it cannot be seen by a user with only this role.

Tabs Show Upload
Default: /Awards & Wages [enablehr]    
Default: /Awards & Wages/Awards [enablehr]    
Default: /Awards & Wages/EBAs [enablehr]    
Default: /Awards & Wages/FAQs [enablehr]    
Default: /Awards & Wages/Library [enablehr]    
Default: /Awards & Wages/Library/Guides [enablehr]    
Default: /Awards & Wages/NES [enablehr]    
Default: /Awards & Wages/Wages [enablehr]    
Default: /Candidates    
Default: /Employees    
Default: /General Docs [enablehr]    
Default: /Policies [enablehr]    


Documents Tracking amend link linkExternalDoc publish tasks


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