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How to change the status of a document and control its visibility in eSS?


Document Types & Status

enableHR's Self Service (eSS) portal allows for employees to access HR documents from their eSS portal.  It is however important to note that not all documents stored in enableHR are visible in eSS and therefore users need to understand what documents are, or are not, visible.

Firstly, the following document types are visible in eSS for employees and candidates.  This means that if you are creating or storing a document that has one of these document types, it will be visible in eSS.

In addition to the document type, documents also have a status.  The following status' are available in enableHR:

  • Draft - When the question and answer (Q&A) steps are incomplete or when you go back to edit your answers in the Q&A (Not visible in eSS) 

  • Created - When Q&A has been completed and the document is created. This status enables you to go back to Draft if required

  • Complete - No signature required

  • Executed – Signed 


What document status's are visible in eSS?

Before a document becomes visible in eSS, enableHR will first check the status of the document. If the document has one of the status' listed below, it will be visible in eSS:

  1. Created- unsigned copy 
  2. Executed- signed copy 
  3. Complete- no signature required 

When a document is created using enableHR by completing the questions and answers steps to generate the document, the default document status will be Created, which is visible in eSS.  

Any document that has a status of 'Draft' will not be visible in eSS.


How to change a document status to 'Draft'

If your document is not ready to be released in eSS, you can change the document status to Draft as followed: 

1. Go to the tab where the document is located and select the document 

2. Select Change status to Complete or Executed 


Draft from the dropdown and click on Change Status.




4.  You can also edit the document status under the details section and the same window will appear: 



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