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Updating Document Information


The existing documents in your enableHR system can be easily updated - anytime. This refers to any documentation of your organisation and/or your workers' documents.

The following document information can be updated:

  • (Document) Status 
  • Signature Date
  • Title
  • (Document) Type
  • Branches Allowed
  • Expiry Dates and Alerts

Depending on which module the document is stored, a user must have any of the following roles to update document information:

For your organisation's documents (e.g General Docs tab, Policies tab, etc) For your workers' documents

EmployeeManagement (No access to contracts) 
EmployeeManagement-(No Docs or Notes)
EmployeeManagement-(No Docs, Notes or Checklists)
WHS Administrator

WHS Management
WHS (Legacy)
WHS Administrator (Legacy)


EmployeeManagement (No access to contracts) 




Below are the steps on how to update document information:

1. Navigate to the tab where the document is stored (e.g. General Docs tab, Policies tab, Documents tab of the worker's record).

2. Click the name of the document.

3. Below the Details section, you will see "Edit" buttons which will allow you to update relevant document information. Click the "Edit" button you're after:



Signature Date  



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Branches Allowed

Expiry Dates and Alerts

 This also relates to Scenario 2 of article: How To Set A Reminder


Please Note: Moving documents from one folder to another is only allowed for company/organisation documents - and not allowed for workers documents.





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