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Document Types - Controlling what documents a user can see


If you want to dictate which of your enableHR users can / can't see particular documents, the best way to do that would be to alter the roles assigned to users.

For a quick overview of roles and how to assign them, please reference the article "Why can't I see a particular tab/document??"

Different roles have different document types assigned to them, if the roles (user can have more than one role) assigned to a user doesn't have access to a particular document type, then the document will not appear to that user in enableHR. This gives you another level of control over which users can see what documents.


Below you'll be able to see a list of available document types:

Note: * Indicates the document type is visible in eSS

Document Type Code
Application App
Annualised Salary Agreement ASA
Australian Workplace Agreement AWA
Customer Agreement CA
Capability CAP
Certificate CERT
Checks Checks
Collective Agreement COLA
Commission Structure CS
Deed Deed
Other Document DOC
Enterprise Agreement EBA
Employment Contract EC*
Employment Contract - Executive ECEX
First Aid FAID
Employee File File
Form Form
Grievance GREV
Training Guide GUIDE
Independent Contractor Agreement ICA
Identification ID*
Individual Flexibility Agreement IFA
Interview INT
Industrial Relations/Employee Relations IR
Individual Transitional Employment Agreement ITEA
Letter LET
Correspondence (Property) LETR
License LIC*
Leave Form LVE*
Managing Agency Agreement MAA
Medical MED
Medical Qualification MEDQUAL
Confidentiality Agreement NDA
Online Performance Review OPR*
Payroll Payroll
Position Description PD*
Planning, Development & Review (PDR) PDR
Performance Development PERDEV
Performance Management PERMAN
Performance Review PERREV
Photo Photo*
Plan Plan
Policy Policy*
Procedure PROC
Professional Development PRODEV
Professional Registration / Membership PROF*
Psychological Test Psych
Qualification QUAL*
References Ref
Resume Resume
Responsible Service of Alcohol RSA
Responsible Service of Gambling RSG
Residential Tenancy Agreement RTA
Supplier Agreement SA
Sales Agency Agreement SAA
Sensitive Sensitive
Signature SIG
Skill SKL*
Letter - Salary Review SRLET
Super Form Super
Taxation Documentation TAX
Terms and Conditions TC
Terms and Conditions of Business TCB
Title Page TITLE
Letter - Termination TLET
Training Document TRAIN*
Volunteer Document VLT
Workplace Authority Lodgement Receipt WA
Performance Management (Warning) WARN
Workers Compensation WC
WHS - High Risk Editorial Assignment Counselling WHSHREAC
WHS - Hearing Test WHSHT
WHS - Mental Health Early Intervention WHSMHEI
WHS - Personal Data Profile WHSPDP
WHS - Pre-Employment Medical WHSPEM
WHS - Skin Check WHSSC
WHS - Travel Doctor Assessment WHSTDA

Please note: When uploading a document, you may not necessarily always be able to choose from all the above options. This is again related to the role/s you currently have assigned. Various roles will have the ability to "Approve","Create","Delete","Update","Upload" and/or "View" the document types.When uploading a document, you can categorise the document according to the document types you have available to you. After it is uploaded, if any of your assigned roles has the ability to see the document, it will appear in the folder the document was uploaded in. If none of your roles has the ability to see the document type, then it won't appear. 

If you find that you are unable to view, upload or create some documents, most likely it is due to the fact that you don't have a role which allows you to do this. To rectify this contact your account admin and request that your permissions are altered.

If you don't see a role which fits your specific needs, follow the instructions in the above article to create a role you need.


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