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Login - can enableHR and eSS use the same login credentials?


The same username and password can be used to login to enableHR and enable Self Service. To be able to do this, some settings might need to be updated on the user including assigning the 'eSS Employee' role and linking the employee record to the enableHR user profile. Also, having the same login credentials for both applications can save time as this gives the user the option to switch from one application to another without the need to log in separately. 


There are two scenarios to consider:

Scenario A.  An existing core enableHR user wants to log into eSS using the same credentials

Scenario B.  An existing eSS user wants to login to core enableHR using the same credentials


NOTE: If the person is not yet set up as user in enableHR or eSS, set them up as a user first, and then follow the steps for scenario A existing core enableHR user. 

Only a user with 'AccountAdmin' role will be able to alter these changes.



Scenario A.  I am already an enableHR user, how can I use the same login credentials for eSS?


1. Navigate to Settings > Usernames and Passwords> Users tab.

2. Assign the 'eSS Employee' role to the enableHR user (also assign the 'WHS eSS' role if you allow your staff to submit incidents and hazards via eSS).

3. Link the user's profile to its employee record in the system. 

NOTE: In case the employee record is not showing up, you may need navigate to the eSS Users tab and see if there's an existing eSS User profile for the said user. IF YES, select the eSS User's name and navigate to Access Control > Linked Record> Edit> then click the "X" button on the right side of the employee's record to unlink it. Once done, go back to the "Users" tab and continue step 3.



Scenario B.  I am already an eSS user, and now an enableHR user. Can I use the same login?


1. Navigate to Settings > Usernames and Passwords> Users tab.


2. Select the eSS User's name on the list.


3. Click Edit, then untick "Self Service Only".


4. Click Update to save changes.


5. Notice that the eSS User's name will be gone from the list of eSS Users tab. 


6. Refresh the page, and click "Users" tab. The person's name will then move in the "Users" tab.


7. Select the name of the user and allocate branch access and assign roles.



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