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How to link a user to their employee record



It is best practice to link your enableHR administrative users to their employee records. The benefits are as follow:

  • It allows restriction to their own employees record when relevant settings are applied (note: it is only a restriction of the record, it doesn't change the user access)
  • It allows the user to have one username and password for both applications (main application and eSS)
  • It disables enableHR and self service access when the associated employee record is terminated


Please note: The regular eSS registration process should normally accommodate for the new user to link themselves. For regular eSS registration instructions, please follow these steps. 


If you're on this page then it's likely that there's something stopping you or the user from following the above steps. The below process is the second method of linking to the existing user however it will require a bit more manual configuration as it does skip over the automatic provisioning of a certain role. After you complete the below process, please ensure you update the users 'Roles/Permissions' with the eSS Employee role as well.


PLEASE NOTE: linking a record WILL NOT WORK for a (paired) user. 


Important: If the User has the 'AccountAdmin' role they will be able to alter this setting.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Usernames and Passwords
  3. Select the user (1)
  4. Click the Access Control tab (2)
  5. Click the Linked Record tab (3)
  6. Click the Edit button
  7. Search the Employee record (4)
  8. Tick the Restrict access to Profile checkbox if you wish to restrict the User from accessing their own Employee record (5)
  9. Click the Update button (6)




Please note: As mentioned earlier, the linking of the record will skip the automated provisioning of the required 'eSS Employee' role. After you completed the above process, please ensure you update the users 'Roles/Permissions' with the eSS Employee role as well.




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