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Can I use the same login for the enableHR system and eSS?


The same username and password can be used to login to enableHR and enable Self Service. To be able to do this, some settings might need to be updated on the user including assigning the 'eSS Employee' role and linking the employee record to the enableHR user profile. Also, having the same login credentials for both applications can save time as this gives the user the option to switch from one application to another without the need to log in separately. 


There are two scenarios that will affect the steps you need to take:


1.  An existing core enableHR user wants to log into eSS using the same credentials

2.  An existing eSS user wants to login to core enableHR using the same credentials


If the user is not currently set up on enableHR or eSS, set them up as a user and then follow the steps for an existing user. 

Only a user with 'AccountAdmin' role will be able to alter these changes.



1.  I am already an enableHR user, how can I use the same login credentials for eSS?


1. Assign the 'eSS Employee' role to the enableHR user

2. Link the enableHR user to their employee record




2.  I am already an eSS user, and now an enableHR user. Can I use the same login?


1. Unlink the record from the eSS User login



2. Create the enableHR user profile or navigate to the one you have created

3. Assign the 'eSS Employee' role to the user

4. Link the user to their employee record



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