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enableHR Tactical Release 2021.05.15



NZ Employee Details Showing Australia as the country in eSS

Background (ENAB-3776)

After a recent update, we received feedback that our New Zealand clients' eSS country location was not being respected and all NZ accounts were showing their country as Australia.


Updated the code to check for the correct region validations to apply the correct default country. Now New Zealand accounts and Australian accounts will show their respective countries as expected.

Removed AccountAdmin(No Payroll) user role from NZ, now Payroll Tab role is required to view the payroll fields.

Background (ENAB-3795)

We received feedback from our clients regarding the Account Admin role including the payroll permissions by default. Some clients expressed that they did not want these fields showing on their account at all.

To accommodate their request we made some updates to our user access roles that meant any user who wants access to the payroll tab will need the 'Payroll Tab' role as well.



We have another user access role called 'Payroll Tab'. Any user with this role and a Employee Management role (or AccountAdmin role) will be able to view and manage the payroll tabs within the employee record.

Any user who had the AccountAdmin role has been automatically provided the 'Payroll Tab' role.

See these updated KB articles for more info:



Competency Audit Report, now shows competency status in report

Background (ENAB-3890)

Our Training and Competency audit report displayed a 'Status' field which was not relevant to the actual status of the competency. This status showed whether the competency was active or not, which is not a useful field for our clients



We have made three updates to this report:

  1. Removed the old code that displayed the 'Status' in column P

  2. Removed the blank row 2 from the report (easier filtering)

  3. Updated column P to show the competency status instead (statuses include: Expired, In Progress, Missing, Not Applicable, or, Completed).



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