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Template for Launch: PowerPoint presentation for leaders and managers


Now that you’ve chosen market-leading HR software to help you manage your workforce and ensure your business is compliant, it’s time to start getting your team excited about using it!

This presentation is designed for your leaders and managers only. It is important to get their buy in early in the process so that they can then go and spread the good news more widely with their staff and these slides will help you do that.

The slides provide an overview of enableHR's functionality and explains why your business purchased enableHR, specially detailing how it will benefit your business and each person in their respective roles. The slides also set out the phases for the set up and launch of your core account and modules to come.

TIP:  You can announce the upcoming launch of enableHR whilst you are still in the process of setting of your enableHR account (as per the tasks set out in the enableHR Onboarding & Account Set Up Guide).

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