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User - How To Delete A User


It will always be a best practice to monitor and track individuals who will have access to your enableHR system. Also, only users with AccountAdmin role can delete user profiles.

Prior to deleting a user in your system, please be reminded with the following:

  • A username can only be used once - this means that once you've deleted a user, the username of that user can no longer be set-up as a username for other users.

    Example: John Smith of Sales Department left your company, and his username is "john.smith".The expected action would be to delete his user profile in the system. In a few months time, a new starter with the same name of John Smith (this time from the Warehouse Department) needs to be given access to your enableHR system. If you will create a new user profile for John Smith of Warehouse Department, it must be a new set of characters for his username.

    We recommend to update the username prior to deleting the user profile. By doing this, it gives more real-time control in managing the usernames you're setting-up for your existing and new users. 

  • Retrieving deleted users - Administrators can send a request to enableHR Client Experience Team and it will be forwarded to our developers to complete (which may depend on availability and capacity).


Below are the steps on how to delete a user profile:

1. Navigate to "Settings".

2. Click "Usernames and Passwords".

3. From the "Users" tab, select the name of the user you want to delete.

4. From the "Details" tab, click "Edit" (As recommended, best to update the username first, before you delete the user profile).

5. Click "Delete".

6. Click "Yes, Delete" to confirm deletion.





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