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Documents - How to amend a document


The contents of the document templates in enableHR system were drafted and approved by our legal team (AU: FCB Group and NZ: LangtonHudsonButcher). If you must make changes or need to amend documents, this article summarises the steps on how a user can use the "Amend in Word" feature. Use this option only if the body of the document needs to be modified.

There are few things to consider prior to amending a document:

  • It can potentially create risks for your company.
    Please ensure you have HR/legal advise on the changes you make as enableHR will not be liable on any risks associated to the changes you make.
  • You can only amend documents that were created via the enableHR system.
    This means that any scanned/uploaded documents cannot be amended.
  • If you have your business' letterhead uploaded in the enableHR system, your letterhead will be lost. (Please see article "Letterhead branding lost after using "Amend in Word").
  • Amended employment contracts do not support electronic signature in eSS.


Below are the steps:  

1. Locate the document.

2. Click on the document name.

3. You should now be in the "Document Information" page.

4. Click "Amend Document in Word".



5. You will see a pop-up window with important notes. After reading it, click "Amend in Word".



6. Click "Download copy".



7. As mentioned above, for those who have their company's letterhead already saved in the system, it is expected that your letterhead will be lost. After finishing the amendments of your document, you can manually add the letterhead to the Word document, and convert the document back to PDF file format.

8. Go back to the Document Information page. Click "Upload a new version of this Document" to upload your amended version of the document.



enableHR's Implementations Team can also deliver customisation and configuration of your company's templates. In enableHR, templates are any type of documents that can be generated through enableHR's Question and Answer (Q&A) wizard.  These include enableHR's standard generic letters, employment contracts and policy templates.

Please contact us at should you wish to request for this customisation. By doing this, you no longer need to amend your documents and manually add your letterhead from time to time.


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