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Configuration - Tabs


Configuration is delivered by enableHR's Implementations team who work in partnership with businesses to identify their HR and Safety needs and scope out their requirements and instructions prior to building and customising their enableHR account.  Before commencing the configuration process, businesses need to consider a range of factors as set out in the following article:  What factors should be considered when seeking enableHR configuration?

In enableHR, tabs refer to the selectable windows of information that allows the user to group and manage different parts of the system therefore streamlining access.

Tabs can be categorised into four types:

Record Tabs

A tab that is designed to contain and display records (candidates, employees, volunteers, contractors, hazards, incidents etc) for an account. Each record tab is only allowed to display one type of record however, you can opt to allow the option to create the record via the tab. This will display a button shown as "Add {Record Type Name}" which allows the user to create new copies of the record type whilst viewing the tab.

Document Tabs

A tab that is designed for the purpose of storing documents for an account. When creating document tabs, we can configure the tab to be restricted to only allow for certain document types to be selectable. For example, if you want a new document tab specifically for storing VISA type documents, we can restrict it so that users can only upload VISA type documents. You can opt to restrict the tab to as many or as little of our document types as you would like.

Please be aware that the system does not have the functionality to validate or check your document and automatically assign it the correct document type. Document types are arbitrary and rely on the user knowledge of the document to select the correct category. The system will still allow you to upload a document as a certain document type even if the actual document itself doesn't match the type selected.

Container Tab

A tab that contains other tabs. This type of tab is specifically for categorising and storing other tabs for ease of navigation. For example, in the below image, 'Awards & Wages' is the 'container' tab where the 'document' tabs Awards, EBAs, FAQs, Wages, NES and Library are contained.

Checklist Tab

A tab that is designed to contain and display Active and Completed copies of an elected checklist. This will then allow users who can access this tab to easily resume or access the checklists displayed.

Tabs & Custom Security Roles


Please note that when purchasing configuration for custom tabs, you will also be required to purchase additional configuration for customised security roles as the security roles are how the system determines whether or not a tab is visible to a user (and additionally, in the case of a document tab, whether or not the user should be allowed to upload documents to the tab).

If you would like to learn more about how enableHR can be configured to meet your requirements, please contact enableHR's Client Support team at


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