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Position Management


The Position Management component refers to the ability to approve certain positions for your organisation to recruit for. The feature opens up the ability to create a position type records for any potential positions to be recruited for. This will allow you to then note down important details to the position (such as Employment Type, Attendance Type, Location(s) and awards/salaries) for you to view at a glance.




Position records are created via the Approval to Recruit checklist which will take users through the full process of seeking approval for recruitment. To access this checklist, you will require the User Access Role of Position Management. For someone to approve the position, they will require the User Access Role of Approver Position. Once the position has been created and approved, you can tie this position to any number of candidates that flow through which will then provide you with a seamless view of the whole pre-employment process.




When creating the record type, you can also choose to select a direct report which will then tie in to any pre-established organisational chart that you've already set up. To see how you can set up the Organisational Chart Function, please see the Organisation Chart Functionality section. The position details then stay attached to the candidates even after they are converted to 'Employee' record status and will then go on to record any movements within the company via new positions that can be attached to the record.

When your organisation has well and truly taken up the position management function, you can report on the position history that candidates/employees have help via the Position History Report.








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