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How do I give prospective clients access to a demo account?


Access to demonstration accounts is managed by each enableHR Partner. Partner's should manage this on a case by case basis with their prospective clients where they are confident it could assist with the sale.

In general, we don't recommend giving prospective clients access to a demo account if they have not yet had a live demo of the system from an enableHR Partner or enableHR directly. Without any guidance, your prospective client may not see some of the key functionality that will assist their business. 

After seeing a demo of enableHR, providing access to a demo account can be a useful tool for prospective clients to further investigate enableHR and see how it could work for their business in detail. 

To set up a prospective client in your own demo account:

1. You will need to ensure you have set your demo account up effectively. 

2. You need to set them up as a user in your demo account which you can access within your Partner dashboard. Do not use their email address as their username, if they go on to sign up as a client their email address will be used for the username on their real account. 

3. For Demo purposes you may issue them with a temporary password.

4. After the time you have given them access to the demo account has expired, you may simply delete the user or change the password so they will no longer have access. Please note that usernames are required to be unique, if you delete a username it will not be able to be used again within enableHR. 



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