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Organisation Chart - Overview


enableHR empowers organisations to set up their organisation chart within enableHR.

The benefits of enableHR's Organisational Chart include:

  • It shows the relationships between the organisation's departments, levels and staff members
  • It creates clear responsibilities and roles when businesses begin hiring staff to fill those needs
  • It helps to provide guidance and clarity on various organisational and human resource issues 
  • In terms of security access, it allows a user (e.g Manager) to have access only on the employee records that report into them personally or belong to their branch/department

Below are the steps to set up the functionality:

Step 1 - Set up your Organisation Chart

There are two ways to set up your Organisation Chart.

1. Manual - This means manually selecting the employee's reporting manager.
2. Via an import file - Using an excel spreadsheet with specified columns where you can set up who the employee reports to. 

Creating and Managing your Organisation Chart

Step 2 - Restrict your Managers' access to employees that reports only to them

This functionality provides more restriction to a user's access to be limited only on employee records of individuals that report to them.

How do I control a user's access using the Organisational Chart?


You may also find the organisation chart useful in terms of creating position records. For more information, please check our Approval to Recruit Checklist.

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