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How to Approve / Reject Self Service Requests


enableHR empowers employees to manage and update their personal details in the enableHR Self Service portal. After an employee submits the changes, a notification will be sent to the HR team requesting they review these changes and either approve or reject the change.

Only a user with an ''AccountAdmin" OR "SelfService Admin" role can approve or reject the change requests. Also a user with any of the above roles will see the "Self Service Approvals" tab can be seen on the Employee Management module homepage.





Below are the steps to approve Self Service requests:

1. Click the "Self Service Approvals" tab

2. Click "Approve or Reject"


3. Review the changes. On the pop up window, it will show the "Current Value" vs the "New Value" (or the requested change. Click "Approve" or "Reject", whichever is applicable. There's also a field box to enter reasons for rejection (if applicable).

***A field called "Create a task for <XXX> in Self Service (eSS):" can also be ticked to create a task for an eSS user to complete. The name of the task will be the text typed in the "Reason for Rejection" box. The eSS user will be notified by email, and a task will appear in their eSS.






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