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Updating your personal details in eSS


To update your personal details:

In eSS, go to Me > Details


  1. Click on the relevant "update" link depending on which section you are trying to update.



2. Enter the required changes


3. Select "‘Update’ button.

After submitting changes,  a message may display confirming your request to make changes. If so, a notification will be sent to your HR team requesting they review your changes and either approve or reject the change.



You will be notified when your HR team have approved or rejected your change.


Your HR department may require you to update several sections.  The example below is for "Emergency Contact".  Depending on the size of your screen, these folders will appear either at the side or at the top of your screen.


Please see below table for a reference of which fields require approval:

GroupingField Type
Name Title, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Preferred Name, Nickname
Address Address, Suburb, PostCode, State
Contacts Phone(home), Phone(mobile), Email(personal), Email(work) and Emergency Contacts
Objectives (Only available if Online Performance Reviews feature is active) Development plan objectives


Note: Your Gender and Date of Birth cannot be updated through eSS.


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