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enableHR Demo Set Up for Partners: 3 - Account & Administration Settings


To get started with your Demo account, you will need to set up some Account and Administration Settings before you start populating the account. 

1. Update Account Settings

You can update the name of your demo account, you could choose to select something generic whilst you set the account up as these details will show in documents that you create. Prior to a demo, you could choose to update the Account name to the client you are providing the demo for.  

  • Contacts

    For the Primary Contact, use the email address that you created for your enableHR demos in the First Steps section.  

  • Branding

    Add a logo and a letterhead to your demo account, use a generic sample logo whilst you set the account up and create policies and employment agreements. For demos, you could personalise your demo account with the client’s logo to help them connect with the system. Remember to delete any documents that you create with their logo so you don’t accidentally show them to another client in future.

  • Branches

    Set up a second branch, populate it with minimal information but enough that you can show how employees can be separated by branches. You could upload different branding to show how it can be used for different departments.

  • User

    Create a fictional admin user in the account with the position title of a manager, use an email alias that you set up in the First Steps section. Ensure that the user has the appropriate access to the account by ensuring that they have all the necessary Roles.

    Record the Username and password in your spreadsheet so you don’t forget it.   

    Log out of your demo account and then login as the fictional user you have created to set up the rest of the account.  This user will then show up as the author on documentation, reflecting a genuine Account Admin. When you provide a demo, log in as this user so that it simulates a client’s experience.  


2. Self Service Messaging

Create a generic ‘Welcome to eSS message’ with a long expiry date, select for it to be acknowledged. This will show in all employees eSS accounts.

You could create a variety of other messages, include a video link in one. 

You could also load a variety of messages against different record types i.e. contractors, volunteers. 



3. Qualifications and Training Administration

Add some generic competencies that you can assign to your demo employees. You could create a group for general competencies and a group for qualifications. You could also create some different groups based on positions or industries. You could update these so they are specific to the company you are providing a demo to. For example:

       * License

          - Driving License
          - First Aid
          - Fire Warden Training

       * Qualifications

          - Bachelor of Commerce
          - Certificate III in Business Administration
          - MBA


Create a role and add some specific competencies applicable to the role, e.g. create the role of Admin and select competencies that would apply to this role.  


4. Performance Review Administration

Create a few different Groupings with a couple of KRA’s in each grouping. You could create a Grouping of ‘All Employees’ then another two that use ‘All Employees’ as the Parent Group. Don’t add too many KRA’s to each grouping as this will take longer to complete when you demo the OPR functionality. For example:

 * All Employees

          - Admin Staff
          - Management



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