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enableHR Demo Set Up for Partners: 6 - Demo Employee Management


This is a suggested overview for your demo, you will need to adapt this as necessary for your client.


1. enableHR Home Screen

Simple by design to ensure you don't have to be an expert to navigate around the platform. 


2. Overview of the different Modules

If applicable, click on the other modules (Contractor, WHS & Volunteer) but explain your demo will be focussing on the Employee Management module, unless this isn’t their core area of interest.  

3. Overview of the different Workflows

Within each module there are three main workflow menus that contain a range of end to end checklists. These are the three coloured buttons within each module. 

4. Overview of the Tabs

  • Provide an overview of the tabs

    Access the one stop shop references, guides, Library, Policies, and records for managing your companies HR and WHS records.  

For the tabs listed below you can complete an action.

  • Self Service Approvals

    Approve a task that was initiated in section four.

  • Awards & Wages

    You could add an Award that is applicable to the client.   

  • Policies

    Create a policy, the Motor Vehicle Policy is the shortest.


5. Branches

Through the use of branches you can control permissions to teams, branches, sites, groups and legal entities. Branches also drive reporting in the same manner.

6. Overview of an Employee File

This will demonstrate all the letter templates in the system 

  • Assign a Task

    Select to assign to your champion employee via eSS.


7. Checklists

You will not have time to demonstrate each checklist from start to finish. Your clients interest and their pain points may determine which checklists you want to demonstrate. All checklists work in the same way, so if possible, resume one that you have already initiated.

On-boarding is often an area of interest to clients, so if you are not sure which checklists your client will be interested in, the following two are a good place to start:

Initiate and complete the Approval to Recruit Checklist. (Ensure that your main user has the 'Approver - Position' role before you begin). This is an area many clients choose to pay for configuration to include additional steps in the checklist and have additional tiers of approvers. 

  • Pre-employment Documentation

Resume the ‘Pre-employment Documentation Checklist (eSS)’ that you initiated prior to the demo.


If your client is interested in another checklist in particular, just looking at it will often be enough as they have already seen how checklists work.  

If you want to show another checklist in full, the Counselling for Misconduct is a good checklist to demonstrate as many managers will be able to relate to it.



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