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Employee Documents - How to create via Checklists



There are two ways that you can create employee documentation from our templates, via a Checklist or directly from the Employee's Record. 

Our recommendation is that whenever possible, employee documents are created through the completion of workflows and checklists. Checklists go beyond creating employment documentation in isolation but also account for the complexities that businesses may experience when managing employment matters. The creation of documents via checklists will ensure that your business is compliant and meets best practice standards at all stages throughout the process.

For more information on Workflows and Checklists, see this article: Checklists - How to initiate against an Employee Record



Note: This example provides instructions on how to create an employment contract. The same instructions can be followed to create all employment documentation through enableHR by applying these steps to all enableHR checklists. The steps of the checklists will vary however the concept of following the prompts are the same.


1. Select the appropriate workflow from; Pre-employment; Employee Management; or Termination.


For this example, to create an employment contract, select the “Pre-Employment” workflow 

2. Select the appropriate checklist from within the workflow.


For this example, it would be the “Pre-employment Documentation Checklist”. 

3. enableHR has the functionality to initiate a new process or resume a process you may have started at an earlier date.

For this example, it would be the “Initiate a Pre-employment Documentation Checklist”. 


4. Continue to follow the prompts which will include check boxes as well as options to create a document.

For this example, it would be to select an existing candidate and work through the question and answer checklist until complete.



5. When you reach the “Create a Letter of Offer and Employment Contract for the candidate” section, select “Create” and choose the most suitable option.  

For this example,  we have chosen to “Create a new document”.



6. Select the appropriate template.

For this example, we will use “Employment Agreement - Full Time – Award Covered”.



7. Continue to complete the answers to the question, note that a creation progress bar shows how far along the process you have progressed.



8. During the document creation process you may wish to insert the image of the manager’s electronic signature. Please see the article "How can I insert a signature as an image?" for more detailed information. 


9. You will then arrive at the "Question and Answer Summary" for you to review and edit as needed.



10. When you have finalised the "Question and Answer Summary", you can preview the document, create it as a PDF or continue to work through the workflow by selecting next.




11.  Upon completion of the other elements of the workflow click “Complete”.


12. To view the created document, search for the candidate under the “Candidates” tab, click on their name and then select the documents tab.


13. Now that the candidate documentation has been completed, you will need to convert the candidate into an employee. Please refer to the article How Can I Convert A Candidate Into An Employee? for detailed information.



Documents can also be created directly within a candidate, contractor or employee record. Please refer to the article Employment Documentation - How to create from the Employee Record for detailed information.


enableHR comes pre-populated with a range of employee documentation templates, guides and checklists that you can utilise. You can see the full list of what's available to you here:


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