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Employee Documents - Upload Via An Importer - Multiple documents with different document types

Have you read: Overview of the Different Ways to Upload or Import Employee Documents
Important note:

To use this importer, you will need to have Employee ID's recorded against each Employee Record. You will need to use the ID's in the spreadsheet you complete.

This article covers:
  • Zip Files - Preparing the Documents for Upload
  • Items Required for the Bulk Upload
  • Quick Tip - How to easily extract Candidate / Employee IDs
  • How to create the Zip Folder
  • How to complete the 'mapping' spreadsheet
  • How to upload the documents and 'mapping' spreadsheet



Zip Files - Preparing the Documents for Upload

1. Save all of the documents that you wish to upload into the one folder.

2. enableHR allows for you to upload a mixture of document types through the use of a zip file. The following requirements must be met:

  • The Employee ID/Payroll number for each employee must already be recorded within enableHR.

Please see the What Is A Candidate / Employee / Contractor ID Number? article for more detailed information.

Items Required for the Bulk Upload

The following items will need to be prepared prior to attempting the upload. You will find the instructions to preparing these items below

  • The Bulk Upload Zip Folder
  • The Bulk Upload Mapping Spreadsheet

Quick Tip - How to easily extract Candidate / Employee IDs

As stated above, the Employee ID/Payroll number is crucially important to the Bulk Upload process. Here's a quick and easy way to extract the unique IDs associated with the candidates / employees / contractors that you wish to upload the documents for:


1. Click on the Reporting icon on the left hand side to navigate to our reporting page


2. Locate the Record Export CSV report which should be under the Record Management folder


3. Set the parameters for which the report needs to run. The most important fields to manage would be the correct record type (Candidate, Employee, Volunteer etc) and the Include internal ID: tickbox

6. Click Generate at the bottom of the page to run the report. Once generated, open the CSV file in Excel. You will then see the required information in column B


How to create the Zip Folder

1. Create a folder and copy the relevant documents into that folder. This will help you organise the files you intend to upload into one location.


2. Highlight all the files you intend to bulk upload and then right click to select “Send to”’ and then select “Compressed (zipped) folder”.


3. The ZIP file has been created and will look similar to the example below.



How to complete the 'mapping' spreadsheet

1. Download the file titled “Bulk Import Mapping Spreadsheet Template” contained as a link on the Bulk Upload page under "How it works". You will need to populate this spreadsheet as per the following instructions.

Alternatively, the  “Bulk Import Mapping Spreadsheet Template” can also be found on the bottom of this page.

2. Filename - Input the name of the file you wish to upload. Please ensure that the name matches the file exactly (including the file format).

3. Assign to Id - Input the Employee ID/Payroll number into column B. If you haven't yet set the Employee IDs in enableHR, you can also use the Internal IDs provided in column A of the Record Export CSV.

4. Type - Each document type will need to be listed according to the corresponding document type code (e.g. EC – Employment Contract, DOC – Other Document). Please refer to the document typesarticle for a list of the codes enableHR recognises, or to the bottom part of this page for further reference on document types listing.


5. When the spreadsheet is complete, click Save in order to save your mapping spreadsheet onto your computer



How to upload the documents and 'mapping' spreadsheet

1. Click on the Actions drop down located on the top right hand corner of the screen and then click on Bulk Upload.


2. After clicking the Bulk Upload button, you should see the below screen.

3. Select the document type.

4. Select the version type.

5. Enter your email address which will receive a notification when the upload process is complete.

6. Select the ZIP file to be uploaded.


7. Click (show options to upload a mapping spreadsheet)


8. Upload the Bulk Upload Mapping Spreadsheet you created earlier


9. Your employee files should now be uploaded against each respective employee record within enableHR. You should also receive a confirmation email (show below) to indicate that the files have been successfully uploaded.




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