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enableHR Software Release Notes 2024.06.07



Emergency Contact Fields hidden after candidate makes other updates during onboarding


‘Emergency Contact’ tab is unavailable to an eSS user while updating other fields that needs self service.


All fields available in the in the ‘Emergency Contact’ tab are now visible to the user even after updating other fields under the 'About Me' section.

AU Payroll - SuperIncomeStream field option deprecated


SuperIncomeStream field option is no longer required by Australian Payroll software.


SuperIncomeStream will no longer appear for selection on Employment Basis on

  • enableHR
  • eSS
  • API - Retrieve & Add/Update employee.

Xero Integration - WorkingHolidayMaker residency status is erroring on export


Employee with a WorkingHolidayMaker as Residency Status is erroring on Xero export.


Xero requires users to select a different option when choosing WHM, we updated the error messages the Xero integration admins receive to reflect this. 

Error message that now appears in the email:
Validation Error: ‘Working Holiday Maker’ is not a valid selection for Residency status in Xero, please update residency status to 'Foreign Resident' for data to export“.

eSS inbox archive not loading


The historical archive of messages and task via Self Service were not loading reliably for users.

Issue caused by the compliance training centre task handling in archive inbox.


  • eSS users can now view previously completed tasks in the archive section of the inbox.
  • Loading items in the Archived folder is occurring without any issues.

Candidate, reminder and objective import files inaccessible


When trying to access Candidate Importer template from enableHR portal receiving an ‘Unable to complete the request’ error.

As a part of recent release separate templates for NZ were introduced with file name appended with ‘NZ_', for the existing template for Australia the name of the file is appended with 'AU_’ but the AU version reference was missing.


Templates for enableHR accounts has ‘AU_’ and ‘NZ_’appended in the filename for Australia and NewZeland Candidate importers.

  • Standard security maintenance and fixes
  • Error screen branding updated


Note Topics drop down list includes new selections


New 'Notes' topics need to be available for admin users when adding notes to a record. The current list is very limited and requires additional options for use.


New 'Notes' Topics have been introduced to enhance user functionality and support a variety of business needs. These topics have been organized in an alphanumeric order, making it easy for users to quickly locate and select the appropriate option. This structured approach aims to streamline the process of adding notes to records, thereby improving efficiency and user experience for administrative tasks.

New notes are in bold

1:1 Catch-up
Award/EBA Query
Candidate Offer Rejected
Casual Conversion
Company Property
Counselling & Discipline
Discrimination & Harassment
Employee Resignation
Employment Variation
Equal Employment Opportunity
Flexible Working
Job Interview
Leave Entitlements
Location Transfer
Minimum Employment Period
Performance Management
Performance Review
Policies & Procedures
Probation Review
Reference Check
Termination of Employment
Underpayment Claim
Workers Compensation
Workplace Health & Safety

Drag & Drop enhancements - Document status & handling a blank title


Status of the documents that have been uploaded through drag and drop is ‘Created’, this is inconsistent with other documents that are uploaded.

When the Title field is blank, we should trim the file extension from being saved on the document title section. 


Document Status:

When user uploads document/s through drag and drop, the document status will be ‘Complete' similar to how the status was for regular document uploads.

This behaviour is consistent across all the functions where drag & drop feature is available on the portal.

Blank Document Title:

When user uploads document/s through drag and drop and do not provide any title for the document, instead of leaving the title as blank populate the file name as the title but without file extension.

e.g. instead of “simons-cookie-recipe.ppt“ the document title will be “simons-cookie-recipe“

Self Service Message - Now sends to worker's additional linked branches


There was a recent update to enforce the self service messages only send out to eSS users based on their main branch location. 

Feedback received from clients is that these messages should also go to any additional linked branches.


We made an update to ensure that any worker record that has links to additional branches will also receive the self service messages for that location.

e.g. If user Casey Jones' worker record is located in Melbourne branch, and, also has linked branches for Sydney and Brisbane. Then whenever a self service message is sent to all users in Brisbane branch, Casey will also receive the message.

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