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enableHR Software Release Notes 2024.05.03



WHS: Newly created 'Other Person' not found in 'Other Parties' tab


When eSS users create an incident or hazard, they have the option to select or create a new other person (a.k.a Person Record) when selecting a PCBU or witness. Other people are people that are outside the business (e.g. visitors, passer-by's, etc).

When submitting an incident/hazard within self service and capturing the details of a ‘other person’ (third party) as a PCBU or a witness, the record created would be added to our legacy version of the WHS module, not the current version.

This would lead self service users to be unable to find their previously created 'other person' records so they would create another record with the same details.


The update was made so that newly created Person Records via Incident Record/Hazard Record in eSS is visible in Other Parties tab in WHS module

User logged out when trying to import


Some users where unable to perform account level imports. When they tried to import they were logged out. 


We identified an issue in one of our servers that was causing users to not complete the import correctly and as a fail safe would log out the users. 

We addressed the issue and now users can successfully import into their accounts without issue.

  • Standard security maintenance and fixes
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