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enableHR Software Release Notes 2024.04.12



Reporting - All reports generated in XLSX format fixed


Our reports that extract into XLSX provide users with the same colours and formats that would render in the browser.

There was an intermittent error effecting our reports that generated in the XLSX file format. The Excel document exported and when the user opens up the document, the below corrupted file message appears.

error message.png


We identified the source of the intermittent error and updated the code to ensure the XLSX versions of the reports will export as expected

iPayroll Integration - Reporting Summary and Reporting Detail Discrepancy


The iPayroll Report Header and Report Detail do not correspond for error details.


Errors numbers in the Reports Summary matches to the number of errors indicated in the Report Details.

iPayroll Integration - Internal Server Error


One of the payloads we send to iPayroll results in an Internal Server Error.

internal error message.png


Employee with invalid email (with spaces between letters) to be filtered out and report as error without trying to write this information to iPayroll.

Actual error message is Error - Invalid work email address.

  • Standard security maintenance and fixes


Self Service Approval List - Loading Optimisations


Several clients advised of slow loading of their self service approval tab list. This was often for clients that had a large number of pending changes that collected over time.

We also received high server usage alerts when users load this list.


In this piece of work, we made initial enhancements that improved the load times significantly. By optimising some of the loading mechanisms behind the listing page.

We will monitor the self service approval list usage over the coming weeks to determine if further optimisations are needed.

Drag & Drop Document Upload Functionality


Our users have requested an easier way to manage their HR and employee document upload to their accounts. Our development team have been working diligently and now users will be able to see a new button under document storage tab called - "Upload Multiple Documents". 

Clicking on this button will take the user to a new screen where they can simply drag and drop the documents to upload them to that document tab.


The new upload button will available for all users if they have the permission to upload documents to that tab.

The maximum combined file upload limit is 100MB. For larger files, these can be uploaded in batches.

See the updated versions of these KB articles for more information

Position Title History table


Clients requested a simple way to check when a user position title had been changed other than running regular reports to compare the data or look through documents/notes. 


By simply clicking on the "History" button, users can now see a Position Title change history next to their employee's position title field. This will show all the changes to the position title field for that employee. 



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