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Integrating with LiveRem - FAQ




How does it work?

LiveRem pulls data from EnableHR on a regular basis to enable it to keep you companies data up to date


How can I setup the integration?

The integration guide for connecting the LiveRem/EnableHR interface can be found at


I have an issue/questions about the integration, who do I contact?


Phone: 0800 REM LIVE (0800 736 548)


Is it a 2-way integration?

The integration is one way with data following from EnableHR to LiveRem


Is there a fee to use the integration?

There is no fee for the integrations but LiveRem’s standard pricing applies see


Is it automated?



I’m in New Zealand, is this available to me?

Yes (only NZ)


Field Mapping

enableHR Liverem
ID Employee ID
First Name First Name
Last Name Last Name
Gender Gender
Commencement Date Start Date
End Date End Date
Employment type Employment type
Hours per week Hours per week
Pay Rate Transformed to an Annual Salary
Position Title Role Title
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