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enableHR Software Release Notes 2024.03.15



Excel Importers - 1904 date format, general clean-up


Our account importer pages allow users to import or update their employee data.

Our users raised a few issues that relating to our import screens. Including:

  • 1904 date format being active by default on Excel import file templates. This would disrupt the date values by 4 years if copied over from another file to our standard employee import file
  • The employee import screen referring to 'XX' on the screen instead of nothing. 
  • A missing import file for candidate imports


We removed the 1904 date default format from all import Excel templates

The candidate importer template document will now display reliably to all candidate importer sections

XX is removed from employee import screen

OPR - User is unable to delete/edit existing Rating Scale options


Within the Online Performance Review functionality, users can create their own rating scales. Users were experiencing an issue where the rating scales that they created could not not be edited or deleted if a change was needed and throwing the below error messageimage-20240215-014204 (1).png



Identified and updated the issue, now users can delete or edit their own rating scales as expected.

Self service message - Branch restriction not impacting 'all branches' selection


When sending a self service message, users can select whether to send to all branches, select branches or select users.

The 'all branch' selection allowed some users to send the message to branches to which they did not have access to.


All branch selection will now only be visible to users who have access to all branches, for users that do not have access to all branches, they can select the branches their user has access to.


Payroll Tabs - Duplicate Super entries could not be deleted via the UI


For AU accounts with active payroll integrations or using our API fields, they gain access to Superannuation fields.

In certain scenarios when a payroll system (like Xero) shares duplicated Super information, we update and store the information in our database. When the payroll person realises the error and removes the duplicated information from Xero and imports to enableHR, the duplicate data was unable to be removed from enableHR, nothing would happen.



To allow for a better user experience in handling mistakes from the payroll system. We updated the way we handle the duplicate super data in our database, providing users with more flexibility so that you can now delete any duplicated data manually via the UI. 

Linked Branches being removed on import and update of a record


enableHR has a functionality where users can link one record (employee, incident, candidate, etc) to more than one branch (called 'Multibranch'). This will allow the record to show on lists to users whose branch access do not include the record’s main branch.

Whenever an import updated a record with linked branches, the linked branches would be removed. These linked branches would then need to be manually re-added by the administration user each time the record would be updated via import.

This was specifically noticeable for our payroll integrations like Xero or Micropay and our Excel importers.


After this update, linked branches will no longer be removed upon import and update of an existing record. They will behave in a similar way to the transfer record functionality where the linked branches are retained.

  • Standard security maintenance and fixes


Open API - Addition of List and Retrieve employee notes


Some integrators need additional information relating to employee activities and interactions. Exposing the notes endpoint will allow for greater range reporting capabilities via our API


2 new endpoints:

  • Error pages updated with new logos and colours
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