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eSS Registration - for Workers via a Checklist Task


When a worker is assigned a task/s from an eSS enabled checklist, but they are not yet an eSS User, the worker will receive a system generated email asking them to complete their eSS Registration, as well as the task that was initiated.

Our Current eSS enabled Checklists are:

  • Pre-employment Documentation 
  • Create an Employment Agreement
  • Employee Induction
  • WHS Induction
  • Scheduled Performance Review (Bulk launch also available)
  • e-Learning: Introduction to Appropriate Behaviour (Bulk launch also available)

1. Choose the checklist you are wanting to launch

2. Start completing the checklist, the relevant step for the task will send a system generated email to the worker

Example of the email the worker will receive:

eSS Registration email - eHR.png


View this article to see the registration process for an eSS User

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