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Checklists - How to Bulk Launch to multiple workers at the same time


You can use our Bulk Launch functionality to launch one of our checklists to multiple workers at the same time. We recommend launching a checklist to a maximum of 20 employees at a time, however this may depend on your internet speed. 

You can see which checklists are Bulk Launch enabled here.

To use this functionality, you need to have the User Access Role titled Bulk Launch Checklists. 


To Bulk Launch a checklist, you will need to:

1. Navigate to Actions > Bulk Launch Checklists

2. Name the Bulk Launch

3. Select the checklist you want to bulk launch

4. Select the record types

5. Select the branches

6. Select the records

7. Confirm the details that you want to be entered into each of the checklists that are bulk launched

8.  Complete your Bulk Launch 


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