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Your Checklist To Getting Started With E-Learning - Introduction To Appropriate Workplace Behaviour


This online training course is suitable for employees at all levels and consists of seven individual modules which have been designed to ensure your business is keeping up the new requirements of eliminating sexual harassment at work.

If you haven't already, read our Overview of the E-Learning Course - Introduction to Appropriate Workplace Behaviour article for more information before you get started. 

Launching the e-Learning Course is simple and straightforward involving the following easy steps.

Step 1 - Have you launched Self Service (eSS) to your workers yet?

If you haven't yet launched eSS to your workers, this is a great time to do it!

Using a checklist (like the e-Learning Course) is a really easy way to launch eSS. You will just need to create and send some communications to your workers before you launch the checklist.

The article below will take you through your different options. 

 - How do I provide my workers with access to Self Service for e-learning modules?

Step 2 - Launch the e-Learning Course

To launch the e-Learning course you have two options, you can launch it to your workers on an individual basis, or you can launch it in bulk to up to 20 workers at a time. 

 - Launch The E-Learning Course For An Individual

 - Launch The E-Learning Course For Multiple Workers At The Same Time

Step 3 - Follow up and report on the e-Learning Course

Once the e-learning course has been launched to your workers, they will complete a module at a time. When they complete a module, the next one will open up for them. 

 - How do I run a report to track what modules my workers have completed in the e-learning checklist?

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