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enableHR Software Release 2023.12.15




New users are not provisioned via SSO

Background (FT-4405)

When an account has SSO active, any new user logging in for the first time will have their user profile automatically created.

New SSO users are hitting a nonce instead of being provisioned a user profile.


New users will be created and provisioned access if they login via SSO.


Xero Integration - New employee sync improved

Background (FT-4311)

When new employees are created in enableHR with just personal and contact details, this will export and create an employee in Xero.

When the tax information is later provided by the employee, the below error message would appear even if all the correct information was provided (such as tax scale type and income type).

"Tax details export skipped, import needed after updating details for STP2 on Xero"


This check/warning message was introduced to support clients in their transition from STP1 to STP2 tax reporting. Xero supports the update of partial tax information and the remaining information can be updated within Xero itself as needed. 

This check is now removed and will allow a more seamless onboarding experience with the Xero integration for new employees.


Reporting - XLSX versions of reports generated as corrupted files

Background (ENAB-5673)

Two of our reports are available in XLSX filetype

  • Records Vs Competencies Matrix

  • Checklist Task Report

This supports the 'Traffic Light' colours visible on the HTML version to display on the extracted Excel version.




The issue was due to a required framework upgrade that did not effect CSV file formats. Once this was updated, the XLSX document filetypes worked again.



Micropay/Meridian Integration - Mapping Employee Email Field

Background (FT-4035)

The existing behaviour with the enableHR and Micropay 2-way sync for email fields is the below

While posting to Meridian default Email on Meridian is updated from work email - if available, else home email - if available on enableHR.

While importing from Meridian, work email on enablehr is updated from default email - if available on Meridian

This is to allow for staging of candidates which do not have work email addresses until they become employees.


Users can now select which enableHR email field they want to sync to Micropay's default employee email

  • If 'Default' selected, same behaviour is described under Previous Behaviour above

    • This is the default option mentioned above

  • If ‘Work’ selected, we only export and import email details to the work email field in enableHR

  • If 'Home' selected, we only export and import email details to the home/personal email field in enableHR


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