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Integrating with MYOB Advanced Payroll - FAQ


MYOB has an integration built with enableHR via their integration platform Workato. This article will provide you with an overview of the integration functionality.

This integration is provided by Workato (


How does it work?

Employee personal and contact details added to enableHR will sync across to MYOB Advanced Payroll. Every 5 mins the job will check if there is a new employee created or an update to an existing employee. If either of these scenarios are true, then the data will sync from enableHR to MYOB for the relevant employees.

For what data syncs, see field mapping section further below.


How can I setup the integration?

Contact your MYOB support or account manager for assistance in activating the integration on their side. They will need you to create and share the user credentials for an enableHR user with full access.


I have an issue/questions about the integration, who do I contact?


Phone: 1300 739 683


Is it a 2-way integration?

The integration is one-way, from enableHR to MYOB. 


Is there a fee to use the integration?

Variable costs may apply, confirm with your MYOB account manager or support team member.


Is it automated?

Yes. The data will automatically sync from enableHR to MYOB when a new employee is created, or an existing employee is updated.


I’m in New Zealand, is this available to me?


Known Limitations?

  • This integration only syncs across employee record (not candidate, volunteer or contractor)
  • Only data listed in the below Field Mapping table is synced
  • Only one-way integration from enableHR to MYOB


Field Mapping

enableHR MYOB Advanced Payroll
Employee Number Employee ID
Preferred Name Employee Name
Branch ID Department ID (Derived as per mapping)
Employee Class Employee Class
Employee ref nbr (UUID) ID
Date of Birth Date of Birth
Gender Gender
Sur Name Last Name
First Name First Name
Email (Home) Email
Mobile (Home) Phone 1 – Type Cell
Personal Address - Country Address – Country (Derived)
Personal Address – Line 1 Address - Line 1
Personal Address – Line 2 Address - Line 2
Personal Address – Suburb Address - City
Personal Address – State Address - State
Personal Address – Postcode Address – Postal Code
Employment Status Status (Derived)


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