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Integration with Mirus Works - FAQ



How does it work?

The integration sends employee competency information from EnableHR to Mirus Works each day. In Mirus Works this competency (skills) data is attached to an employee record and enables Roster Rules to be applied to flag when an employee does not have the required competencies to work a shift.


How can I setup the integration?

The integration will need to be configured by the Mirus Works team. You can contact your Client Success Manager or email


I have an issue/questions about the integration, who do I contact?


Phone: 1300 738 145


Is it a 2-way integration?

From enableHR to Mirus Works only.


Is there a fee to use the integration?

Ongoing use of the integration with enableHR is included with the Mirus Works license fee. There will be an implementation fee to configure the integration.


Is it automated?

Yes, after authenticating the connection, the integration will run once-a-day.


I’m in New Zealand, is this available to me?



Field Mapping


enableHR Mirus Works
Payroll ID Employee ID
<Defaults to mandatory> Type (Mandatory, Supplementary, Position Compliance)
<Defaults to blank> Source
Completed Date Start Date
Date Expires Expiry Date
Competency Status Status
Competency Name Skill


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