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enableHR Software Release 2023.11.10


iPayroll Integration - New Zealand Payroll Integration

Background (FT-3989)

New NZ Payroll integration between enableHR and iPayroll to automatically sync employee data between both the systems. This Jira is to handle new addition of employees in iPayroll with the data from enableHR.


New integration connector has been built on iHUB to sync employee data from enableHR/HRA with basic and mandatory information to create an employee in iPayroll as a part of new client implementation.

  • 1-way connector that will send data from enableHR/ HRA to iPayroll

  • Newly onboarded NZ employee in enableHR with details (Personal, employment, payroll, bank, Kiwisaver and tax details) are created on iPayroll.

  • Based from the Kiwisaver status, appropriate Kiwisaver fields are considered from enableHR while adding this information in iPayroll.

  • Employee records are created with tax field values (IRD, Tax Code and Student loan) available from enableHR.

  • Terminations (Finish Date and Termination Reason in iPayroll) are not added/updated through this connector. A warning message in Job detail report appears when there exists termination details ‘Finish Date needs to be updated in iPayroll for this employee’.

  • Employee’s cost centre, Organisation details and user defined groups are not sent from enableHR.

  • By default the payment method will be ‘Bank’ and when employee has multiple bank accounts in enableHR, we do not create the employee in iPayroll but report as error. Message: ‘More than one bank account exists for the employee. Cannot proceed with exporting this employee’.

Background (FT-3991)

When an employee record is added/modified with Personal , Tax, Kiwisaver and bank details in enableHR/HRA, the same has to be kept in sync with iPayroll. So, any information updates have to be sent across to keep the data in sync between both the systems.


  • Matching employee should exist in iPayroll to make any updates on an employee record. If not matching found, a new employee will get created with the available information in enableHR.

  • Employee Personal details such as Address, email, Phone number, last name, preferred name changes are updated in iPayroll with the new information.

  • Employment details such as Commencement date, Job title changes are updated in iPayroll with the new information.

  • Payroll details such as Hours per week, Pay frequency, Bank account number changes in enableHR are updated in iPayroll.

  • When employee has multiple bank accounts in enableHR, we do not update the employee in iPayroll but report as error. Message: ‘More than one bank account exists for the employee. Cannot proceed with exporting this employee’.

  • Employee with ‘Terminated’ and ‘Terminating’ status are included in the integration for updating their details in iPayroll.

  • When there exists an employee with ‘Terminated’ status and ‘End date’ in enableHR and no ‘Finish Date’ in iPayroll generates a warning message in Job detail report as ‘Finish Date needs to be updated in iPayroll for this employee’.

Note: Clearing of any data in enableHR for the fields which has already data exists in iPayroll, the iPayroll connector doesn’t clear any information in iPayroll as their API doesn’t support clearing of information

Background (FT-4123) , (FT-4124) & (FT-4123)

New clients that are already using iPayroll or any other Payroll services in NZ, if likes to be onboarded to enableHR/HRA with their employee details, they can rely on our Import templates to upload this data as a once off to reduce manual entry.

Currently there is no single such importer which will meet that purpose. There is a need to import Payroll details, Bank, Kiwisaver, and tax details under ‘Payroll’ tab, So we decided to create a new Generic Payroll Importer each for NZ employees.


Account Admins can access this new importer under the 'Actions' dropdown and in 'Integrations & Importer' section.

 Click on the option for 'Import Information from an Excel spreadsheet in enableHR's standard format:'

Click on the 'Import Employee Payroll data' option to navigate to the page for downloading the excel template.

You can find a copy of the example spreadsheet intended to be used with the importer on this import page:

For this option, you need to ensure your spreadsheet has the appropriate named columns in the correct order and that employees are assigned an Internal ID number. To assist you with this, there is a sample spreadsheet available for download.


  1. Columns must be in the correct order (Same as the example template)
  2. Do not delete columns. Columns can be left blank unless they are mandatory
  3. The system requires Row 1 & 2 to be a header row . 
  4. Column A is mandatory and must contain a unique Internal ID. This field cannot be blank. If you do not know how to get unique Internal ID, please run the Record export CSV for employee records.
  5. First name and Last names in Column B&C are for reference only and their data is not uploaded into the system.
  6. Payroll Details - Pay Rate (Column E) should have a corresponding Pay Rate (Column F) with a value as either HOURLY or ANNUAL.
  7. Payroll Details - Pay Schedule can have allowed Values: WEEKLY, FORTNIGHTLY, MONTHLY, TWICE_MONTHLY
  8. Bank Details - Only one bank account is allowed through import for an employee and all fields are mandatory if included.
  9. Kiwisaver details for an employee.
    • 'Employer Contribution %', 'Employee Contribution %' and 'ESCT %' when Kiwisaver status is 'ACTIVE'
    • 'Opt Out Date' , 'Bank Account Number' and 'Bank Account Name' when Kiwisaver status is 'OPT_OUT'.
    • 'Suspension End Date' when Kiwisaver status is 'SAVINGS_SUSPENSION'
  10. Tax Details - You can add the below for employee tax details.

    • IRD Number

    • Valid tax codes - CAE, M, M SL, ME, ME SL,ND, NSW, S, S SL, SA, SA SL, SB, SB SL, SH, SH SL, ST, ST SL,STC, WT

    • Student Loan %

  11. The Import file must contain only one worksheet (Tab)



Reporting module breaks on page reload

Background (FT-4121

When clicking on back on the browser or refreshing the page, it would display a broken reporting page.


There was an issue with the URL encoding where the last dot was not properly escaped. Escaping this resolved the issue.

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