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Setup enableHR + CloudPayroll Integration


The aim of this article is to provide you step-by-step instructions for setting integration between enableHR and CloudPayroll using our integration platform iHUB (Integration HUB).

Read this CloudPayroll article to know what information is synced from enableHR to CloudPayroll.

To know more about Integration HUB, please read this helpful information.


Step:1 - Login to iHUB

Login to iHUB using your enableHR credentials (Login/password)

If you receive any error during login, please reach enableHR's Client Support team to fix your access.

Step: 2 - Connect to enableHR and CloudPayroll on iHUB

From 'Connections' page, click 'Add Connection' button and select ‘Export to CloudPayroll’ to add a new connection between enableHR and CloudPayroll systems

Add connection.png

Click on ‘Connect’ butoon on Source(enableHR) and Destination (CloudPayroll ) systems by authenicating with the credentials for each system.

A new page will open up each time you click ‘Connect’ button to enter the credentials for both enableHR and CloudPayroll. After successful logins, the page will route you back to iHUB page by updating the status as ‘Connected’.



After successful logins, the connection will have an ‘Active’ status, which means that it is now ready to initiate job to export data from enableHR to CloudPayroll.


Step: 3 - Kick off integration job to sync the data

Once an active connection is established between enableHR and CloudPayroll systems, you are allowed to intiate a CloudPayroll connector job to transfer data from enableHR to CloudPayroll. 

Schedule Job - Click on ‘Create’ button to initiate a schedule job. This is a pre-defined scheduled job to transfer data from enableHR to Cloudpayroll at set intervals.


Manually run the Job - When there is a need to transmit data immediately instead of waiting for the scheduled job to run, you will have option to run the job manually. Using this option will kick off the data transfer immediately and does not interrupt the regular scheduled data transfer.


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