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enableHR Software Release 2023.09.22



Reporting - Record Export CSV report employment type blank for record linked to user running the report

Background (FT-3479)

Record Export CSV exports all record data and any custom fields on that record.

There is a bug identified where the user running the report will not have their employment type extracted as part of the report data - no matter the selection against the record, it will be blank in the report.

For example: A user called Bruce Wayne who is a Full Time (Permanent) employee will run the Record Export CSV. All of Bruce’s employee data will extract except for the employment type, this will be blank. Bruce then needs to go in an add the employment type once more.


With some updates the employment type of the user that runs the Record Export CSV report will now show in the extract as expected.

  • Addressed some false-positive errors for Chargify subscriptions with coupons
  • Standard security maintenance activities


Dashboards - [NEW] Training Dashboard to see all competencies assigned to workers

Background (FT-4147)

Provides users the ability to monitor their workers' training in a central dashboard view. This dashboard will provide users with an overview of the competencies that are assigned to all worker records across all the branches they have access to.


As a user with trainingDashboard & reporting permissions the user will have access to see the dashboard.

The user will then need the appropriate branch and worker module access permissions for the dashboard view to populate with data.

Training Dashboard 1.png

Training Dashboard 2.png

This is in a beta phase so will be rolled out to select accounts and will be active in the coming weeks to all accounts.

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