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enableHR Software Release 2023.09.08



Reporting - Checklists/Workflow Analysis Report list by specific item not working for standard checklists

Background (FT-4031)

The checklists/workflow analysis report provides users with two reporting options

  1. an overview of checklists of a certain type by their status (all, completed, incomplete)
  2. overview of selected checklist steps, completion and updated dates

The second report type option only displayed the table to select the specific checklist steps when the checklist was customised at the account level. For any standard accounts that inherit all our generic checklists, this showed the below error



The issue was due to a broken JSP that would throw the error whenever a standard checklist was selected.

Now this 'list by specific item…' option will show for all checklists regardless if customised for specific account or inherited from the hub.



Reporting - Comprehensive competencies report showing completed date, not expired date (in some scenarios)

Background (FT-4118)

The comprehensive competencies report provides users with a detailed report for all competencies as of a certain date. For each competency the status and any dates provided will show for each employee.

This report shows data based on the information entered against the employee based on the below functional behaviour.

For competencies with no completed or expiry date, just the competency status will show

For competencies with just completed date information entered, the competency will provide a report that says 'Completed on < completed date>'

For competencies with both an expiry date and completed date entered

  • if today is before the expiry date, the data will say “Completed on <completed date>“

  • if today is after expiry date, the data should say “Expired on <expiry date>“ but instead it provides Expired on <completed date> this is the error


Now, the comprehensive competencies report correctly shows the expiry date when today’s date is after the expiry date and the competency status is ‘Expired’.

All other existing behaviour will remain the same

Self service users unable to upload document to eSS task when task description long

Background (FT-3431)

In our self service message feature, users can select to send out a message in bulk to all self service users, only users with their records located in selected branches, or, to specifically selected users

These Self Service Messages were sent out users based on branch their user branch access rather than the branch the linked record is located within



We updated the code to ensure that users will only receive the message if their record’s primary branch is selected as part of the message setup.  

Xero Integration - Some exceptions causing import/export errors

Background (FT-4186)

Our Xero integration should be completing a sync even if an employee fails a validation check. If the employee fails, it should note this and move onto the next employee without failing the job.


Updated the code so that the Xero sync no longer fails on these employees that do not meet the required validations, instead we are

  1. showing the error to the end user (on screen or via email)

  2. moving onto the next employee without failing the whole sync

  • Added some superannuation fund products to the database (non-standard regulated superfunds like Defence Bank RSA)


Reporting - Checklist/Workflow Analysis Report now has the ability to de/select all Show for easier reporting

Background (FT-4034)

The checklists/workflow analysis report provides users with two reporting options

  1. an overview of checklists of a certain type by their status (all, completed, incomplete)

  2. overview of selected checklist steps, completion and updated dates

When generating the second option of this report, the user is provided a list of all the checklist steps to select from that will be included/excluded from the report depending on whether the 'Show' checkbox is checked against the specific checklist step


Before each of the 'Show' checkboxes needed to be manually unchecked for each step that should be omitted from the generated report.

We have now introduced a Select All Show/Deselect All Show toggle functionality that provides the user the a one-click ability to deselect all the checklist steps from being extracted onto the report.

This will save the user time and effort as they can now generate this checklist for only a specific step much more efficiently.


Open API - List Employee endpoint will include email address

Background (FT-4078)

Some integrators rely on email addresses as the unique identifier rather than an UUID. Exposing the email on this listing endpoint will allow for greater range of integration capabilities for our integration partners.


  • Employee’s Work & Personal email address are now included in the ‘List Employees’ endpoint

  • API Doc Portal changes made to refer the new changes

    • API Changelog

    • Documentation section - List employee end point to include examples for work and personal email.

    • Development section - Verify List employees end point includes work and personal email.

  • Subscriptions improved to handle accounts in the international region better. 
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