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enableHR Software Release 2023.07.20



OPR - Objectives not correctly displaying as expected in generated OPR document

Background (FT-3938)

As part of our OPR process we generate a PDF document that provides an overview of the ratings and comments noted against KRAs and Objectives.

There are 2 tables in the document that provide an overview of the employee’s objectives. 

New or still pending objectives were not reliably displaying on the objective table 2 in the PDF.


Objectives will show in table 2 to that satisfy the following behaviour:

  • Strategic and Personal Objective added by the manager on the final stage of OPR will display on table 2

  • Existing Strategic and Personal Objective will show on the first table

  • Strategic and Personal Objective with a completed date within or before the performance review period will not display in the table 2 - these will show on table 1

OPR - Objectives completed in previous performance reviews kept displaying in future Performance Review reports

Background (FT-3524)

As part of our OPR process we generate a PDF document that provides an overview of the ratings and comments noted against KRAs and Objectives.

There are 2 tables in the document that show the employee’s objectives

Objectives completed in a previous performance review period were still showing on the performance review report for the next period.


  • Objective 1 completed on 13 June 2022 and part of the 1 July 2021 - 30 June 2022 performance review.

  • Objective 2 completed 10th October 2022

In the 1 July 2022 - 30 June 2023 performance review both Objective #1 and #2 were displaying in the performance review report when only Objective #2 should display in the first Objective table.


Objectives will display in table 2 based on the following criteria:

  1. Any strategic/operational obj created in the last step of the PR will show on the second table regardless of due dates or commencement dates

  2. Any strategic/operational obj created within the performance review period

    1. either by employee in self service, or,

    2. manager in enableHR employee record

Error message not providing context for action failure

Background (FT-3840)

From time to time users hit an error dialog where it provides no reason for the error when performing an action on the record. 



These unknown error popups were caused by field validations not being respected on the record on another tab. The error reason message now appears for these issues and will provide the user more information.

Reasons for why the action cannot be performed now display, example below. 


Self service users unable to upload document to eSS task when task description long

Background (FT-3524)

There is functionality where users can send out a task from the worker record notes that prompt the self service user to upload an attachment to complete the task.

When there is a long task title/description entered by the manager, this appears in self service similar to the below screenshot.



Self service users are now able to provide their own document title when uploading a document to a task

We will default the name of the uploaded document to be the name of the uploaded filename unless there is a name entered into the Document Title section of the upload form.


  • Fixed issue with Checklist tasks report opening twice when generate button clicked
  • Addressed issue with Record CSV report displaying custom fields incorrectly for NZ accounts


Expiry Date Report - Now in CSV and showing documents not linked to a worker record

Background (FT-3119)

The report provides the user a list of all current documents ordered by their Expiry Date.



  1. A new checkbox “include documents not associated with a record“ checkbox will display the documents that have and expiry date set but not linked with an record.

  2. New report now available - CSV

  3. Record column title will be changed to Document Location for all reports (HMTL, CSV)

  4. the new checkbox “include documents not associated with a record“

Documents not linked to record - The document location will display the tab the document is located (e.g. if the document is located in the General Docs tab, then the text “General Docs“ will appear)

Documents linked to a record - The document location will display the record name as a hyperlink (if HTML report). When the user clicks on the record hyperlink, it will take the user to the record details tab

Checklist Task Report - Now available in XLSX and CSV formats

Background (FT-3899)

This is a report designed to allow users to easily see which employees have completed individual items in a checklist.



  • Users can now select to generate the report as HTML, CSV or XLSX format

  • In column B of the CSV/XLSX version of the report, the branch path will display instead of the eSS Status

  • all records within the same branch will be grouped together

  • XLSX version will maintain the colours of the HTML version for easy visual differentiation
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