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Integrating with JobAdder - FAQ


JobAdder and enableHR have created an integration that allows users to import confirmed applicant data as an employee in enableHR.

This article lists a number of frequently asked questions that clients have when setting up the integration with JobAdder.


How does it work?

JobAdder integrates with enableHR, allows the user to automatically create a new and corresponding ‘employee’ in enableHR along with first name, last name, contact, etc. whenever a candidate is placed in JobAdder.

How can I setup the integration?

To setup the integration, here are things to prepare:

  1. enableHR: Connection name, Client ID, Client secret, Account ID, Branch ID (Reach out to the enableHR API team on if you you don't have these credentials yet)
  2. JobAdder: Username and Password of Admin users.

After that, contact JobAdder customer support team and we will complete the set up together.

I have an issue and a candidate is not syncing, who do I contact?

Your first point of contact for assistance is the JobAdder Support team. We recommend reaching out to the support JobAdder Support Team through the contact details below.



  • Australia +61 2 8011 3477
  • New Zealand +64 9 888 0730

Is it a 2-way integration?

The current integration is one-way and triggered automatically based on a candidate being moved to placed in JobAdder. 

Is there a fee to use the integration?

There are no fees for a customer to use the integration.

Is it automated?

Yes, export is triggered automatically based on a candidate being moved to ‘placed’ in JobAdder.

I’m in New Zealand, is this available to me?

Yes, this integration is available to both AU and NZ clients.

Field Mapping

Below fields in JobAdder will import to the enableHR employee fields.

enableHR Field / Datapill Data type JA Field / Datapill JA Object JA Entity / Record Data type Required (Y/N)
firstName string First name Candidate Placement String Y
sureName string Last name Candidate Placement String Y
email string Email Candidate Placement String Y
mobile string Mobile Candidate Placement String Y
positionTitle string Job title Job title Placement String



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