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KRA Results Report - Online Performance Review


This performance review report allows users to get an overview of all of the KRAs and rating selected against for the KRA. 

At the end of the report is the total and the rating (this is an average of the provided KRA ratings).


The report will show all the performance reviews for the selected period and detail the selected ratings for each KRA. 

Report Table

Column Name Type of Data Example
Name Worker first and last name Bruce Wayne
ID Payroll/Employee ID BW098
Branch Branch worker is located within Gotham
Position Position Title of the worker Detective
Worker Type Employee, Contractor or Volunteer Contractor
Appraisee Submission Date Date worker submitted response 12/JUL/2023
Assessor Name of Primary Assessor Alfred Pennyworth
Assessor Submission Date Date assessor submitted initial response 11/JUL/2023
Final Submission Date Date assessor submitted final response 17/JUL/2023
KRA 1 Number. Based on the selected rating from the KRA 4
KRA 2 Number. Based on the selected rating from the KRA 3
KRA ... Number. Based on the selected rating from the KRA X
KRA Total Number. The total of each of the KRAs added together 7
Rating Number. The average value of all the KRAs in the performance review that have ratings 3.5

Report Key:


  • * - This KRA is duplicated across multiple groups.
  • N/A - Not Applicable. KRA was rated as N/A.
  • N/R - Not Relevant. This performance review doesn't have this KRA assigned.
  • <blank> - Hasn't been rated

Expected Behaviour:

  • available in both HTML and CSV formats
  • performance review at any status will show on the table
  • all or individual KRAs or KRA Groups can be selected for each report
  • if the user selects a rating scale as part of the performance review, the assigned number will add to this report
  • the ratings on the report will update as the users submit the ratings, if the report is run after another user submits the values, the numbers extracted in the report will update too
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