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enableHR Software Release 2023.06.09



Custom Fields marked as required not reliably updating in self service

Background (FT-3839)

If a custom field is marked as mandatory, it will have an asterisk (*) next to it on the UI, and the user will be unable to submit the form until user adds data in the mandatory field/s.

In self service, the custom fields were not saving when marked as required (or had dependent fields that were marked as required). 


Enhanced some of the JSP code in self service to respect whether the custom fields are marked as required in self service, including dependencies.

eSS User - eSS users using "Stay logged-in" option cannot logout

Background (FT-3524)

Our login page has a “Stay logged-in?“ option upon for users. This will extend the user login timeouts.


The eSS user entered the logout URL ( directly into the browser


We fixed the logout button in eSS to properly direct the user through the logout flow.

Xero Integration - Errors and/or Warning email blank

Background (FT-3840)

Whenever an employee receives this error message: “Tax details export skipped, import needed after updating details for STP2 on Xero“.

We send out one of the errors and/or warnings detected with employee emails but it is blank.



We enhanced the email to correctly pick up the warnings. 


  • Addresses some redirect issues
  • Fixes to STSL field to not accept NULL values


Xero Integration - Changes in TFN not importing from Xero

Background (FT-3843)

Exporting from enableHR to Xero, we will send updates to the tax details of a record which includes TFN changes. However, importing did not bring across changes to the TFN from Xero.


Updated the Xero integration code to accept these changes to TFN on import to enableHR/HRA on existing employee records.

  • Improved loading times for partner dashboards
  • Fix to our signup app subscription creation process
  • Improvements to popup help messages
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