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Integrating with Payroo - FAQ


Payroo and enableHR have created an integration that allows users to sync employee's personal and payroll data between the two systems.

This article lists a number of frequently asked questions that clients have when setting up the integration with Payroo.


How does it work?
The integration allows users to sync their employee data between enableHR and Payroo. Each branch in an enableHR account is linked to each account in Payroo - this is a one enableHR branch to one Payroo account relationship. But, multiple accounts in Payroo can be accessed through a single user login.

The below are the pre-requisites to enable integration between the systems.

  • Setup account in enableHR
  • Setup account in Payroo
  • Client have to sign the "Use of enableHR API and Other Integration Services" authorisation form to allow Payroo to access the unmasked TFN details. Please reach to for further details.

How can I setup the integration?
You will need to ensure that you have the "Standard" Payroo plan to gain access to the integration.

Follow the steps here.

I have an issue and an employee record is not syncing, who do I contact?
Your first point of contact for assistance is the Payroo support team. We recommend reaching out to the Payroo Team with any integration issues.

Is it a 2-way integration?
Yes, it is 2-way integration. See the notes below for the mapped fields and limitations


Is there a fee to use the integration?
There is no additional cost to activate this integration as long as you have a "Standard" Payroo subscription plan.

Is it automated?
Yes, any changes made in Payroo are instantly updated in enableHR.

Any changes on enableHR will be auto synced through a batch process which runs once a day, or it can be instantaneous as needed using the sync function within your Payroo account.

I’m in New Zealand, is this available to me?
Payroo can support only Australian Payroll processing at this stage.

Is there anything this integration can not support?

  • Employees with multiple bank accounts, bank details are not synced but rest of the details are synced between both the systems.
  • Multiple branches from enableHR can't be synced to same account in Payroo.
  • Employee transfers from one branch to another branch can't be handled through integration.
  • Superannuation details for an employee are not synced and to be maintained in Payroo for Super payments.
  • Employee leave balances are not synced between both systems.

Field Mapping

Payroo Section Payroo Field Enable HR Field
Personal Information First Name First Name*
  Last Name Surname*
  Date of birth Date of Birth
Contact Information Email Address

E-mail (w - notifications) - pull from enableHR,

E-mail (h) - push to (two way sync)

  Phone Number

Mobile Number (preference) - if blank then,

Phone number (h)

  Address Line 1 (personal address)

Street Address

(Address line 2 is not supported)

  Suburb Suburb
  State State
  Code Post Code
Emergency Contact (Optional) First Name To be added soon
  Last Name To be added soon
  Relation To be added soon
  Phone number To be added soon
Employment Details Job Title Position Title
  Employment Basis Employment Type
  Employee ID Employee ID
  Joining Date Commencement Date
Tax Details Tax File Number Tax File Number
  TFN Exemption Exempt Type
  Residency Status Residency Status
Other Criteria Tax-Free Threshold Claimed Tax-Free Threshold Claimed
  Study & Training Support Loans Study & Training Support Loan
  Has approved withholding variation Has Approved Withholding Variation
Banking BSB BSB Number
  Account Number Account Number
  Account Name Account Name
  Statement Text Statement Text
Super Details Super Fund Name To be added soon
  ABN To be added soon
  USI To be added soon
  Member Number To be added soon

* = a required field

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