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Integrating with Roubler - FAQ


Roubler has built a connector with enableHR which allows for sharing of some enableHR employee data.

Does enableHR integrate with Roubler?

Yes, this integration is available via a connector created by Roubler.

How does it work?

The synchronisation betwee enableHR and Roubler happens every 15 minutes from the time the profile has been converted to Employee or when a new employee is created in enableHR. The employee data that is ready to be onboarded will appear in Roubler under Hire > Reserve Bench. 

How can I set up the integration?

As this connector was built and is managed by Roubler, you will need to contact Roubler directly for support in how to use it and set it up. 

I have an issue with data not syncing, who do I contact (enableHR or Roubler)?

As this connector was built and is managed by Roubler, you will need to contact Roubler for technical support. 

The main contact for support with the Roubler connector can be found below: 

Name: Roubler's Customer Success Manager  


Does Roubler charge a fee for this integration?

Please contact Roubler's Client support team for additional details.

Is it 2-way integration?

Currently, the integration is only one-way from enableHR to Roubler.

We are collaborating with Roubler to build a two-way integration and have developed our side of the integration in anticipation of Roubler completing their side when updates made in Roubler will be synced back in enableHR.

At this stage, we do not have an ETA on Roubler side.

Constraints and Limitations

  • If the employee does not have an email in enableHR, that employee cannot be integrated into Roubler Reserve Bench.

Field Mapping

EnableHR fields are integrated into Roubler Reserve Bench. Mappings are shown below:

EnableHr-Module EnableHr-Fields Roubler-Module Roubler-Fields Description
Add Employee First Name Hire-Reserve Bench Given Name Integrated first name from EnableHr to Roubler
Add Employee Last Name Hire-Reserve Bench Surname Integrated last name from EnableHr to Roubler
Add Employee

Email Address 



Hire-Reserve Bench Email* By default Email(w) will be considered and integrated. If not Email(h) is used as a second preference.
Add Employee   Hire-Reserve Bench Position Created General position named "EnableHR" in Roubler and integrated into reserve bench position
Add Employee   Hire-Reserve Bench Reporting To Created “Test Employee” in Roubler and assigned all employee to this user
Add Employee   Hire-Reserve Bench Location Created General Location named "EnableHR" in Roubler and integrated into reserve bench location
Add Employee Employment Type Hire-Reserve Bench Employee Type(dropdown)

Integrated Employment status into employee type. As it is a dropdown field, Dropdown mappings are shown below:

enableHR -> Roubler

Permanent (Full Time) -> Full Time

Fixed Term (Full Time) -> Full Time

Permanent(Part Time) -> Part Time

Fixed Term(Part Time) -> Part Time

Contract -> Full Time

Super Income Stream -> Part Time

Temporary -> Casual

Casual -> Casual

Labor hire -> Casual

Unassigned -> Casual




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