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Integrating with Scout Talent (:Recruit) - FAQ


Scout Talent and enableHR have created an integration that allows users to import confirmed applicant data as an employee in enableHR.

This article lists a number of frequently asked questions that clients have when setting up the integration with Scout Talent.


How does it work?
The integration allows users to export their successful candidates from Scout :Recruit to enableHR. It includes basic candidate information to create an employee record in enableHR.

How can I setup the integration?
You will need to provide your enableHR client_id (API key) and client_secret to Scout Talent's Client Success Team. Please contact to request this information.

I have an issue and a candidate is not syncing, who do I contact?
Your first point of contact for assistance is the Scout Talent Team. We recommend reaching out to your dedicated Account Executive or the Scout Talent Client Support / Success Team through the contact details below.

Phone: 07 3330 2595

Is it a 2-way integration?
This integration is a one way integration from Scout :Recruit to enableHR.

Is there a fee to use the integration?
There is no cost to activate this integration as long as you have a :Recruit subscription with Scout Talent.

Is it automated?
No. It is an on demand export initiated by the user through a candidate's application in Scout :Recruit.

I’m in New Zealand, is this available to me?
Yes, this integration is available to both AU and NZ clients.

Field Mapping

Below fields in :Recruit will import to the enableHR employee fields.

  • Title
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Preferred Name
  • Gender
  • Personal Address
  • Position Title
  • Branch
  • Employment Type
  • Employment Status
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