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Launch The E-Learning Course For An Individual


The e-Learning Course, Introduction to Appropriate Workplace Behaviour, is launched from a checklist within your enableHR account. 

You can launch the course for an individual worker, or you can launch the course in bulk for up to 20 workers at a time.

Your workers do not need to have registered for Self Service (eSS) prior to launching this checklist, however it is recommended that you communicate with them so they know what to expect, prior to launching it. You can access an example email here to send to your employees, and an example eSS message here. We recommend you set up and create both of these communications, prior to launching eSS to your workers through the Introduction to Appropriate Behaviour Checklist.  

To launch the course for an individual worker:

1. Navigate to the Employee Management Workflow


2. Select the e-Learning: Introduction to Appropriate Behaviour Checklist (eSS) 


3. Commence the checklist and then select the Employee, Contractor or Volunteer you wish to complete the e-learning course via Self Service.

4. The worker will be sent a system generated email, advising that they have a task to complete in their eSS and will prompt them to login. 


For more information on our e-Learning Course, click here to see an overview and click here to see your checklist to getting started and using the checklist.

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