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Import new employees from EnableHR to Meridian / Micropay . ( ERROR BANK ORDER should be within 0 to 999 )



When trying to import new employees from EnableHR to Micropay.

You are getting an error message relating to bank order



To fix this issue  bank order number entered into the employees enableHR profile before importing to Micropay.


We have been investigating this issue. found that  no changes on our side.
Also no information from Micropay that they have  changed anything either.
At this moment it seems that Micropay is not accepting a BLANK (NULL)
in the BANK ORDER box below.

As a workaround please  manually add a 0 or 1 etc, in this box for any new employee. 
However this BANK ORDER box cannot be blank.
This will then work for the sync to Micropay.
While we are working on a solution for this fix. 





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