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enableHR Software Release 2023.03.24



Note Details CSV report breaking when saved note contains an email with a image attached

Background (FT-3477)

We have a report that captures all the details stored against record notes.

When the report ran and emails were extracted, any image in the email body or the footer would also capture the base64 image source information. This is a long string of characters which would spill over into subsequent rows of data, disrupting the report columns and making it difficult to filter and find what you wanted in the report.


We have now remove the image src information from being included in the export. We will leave the image filename for reference only.

  • login performance fix
  • self service messaging performance fix


New tax fields for STP2 reporting

Background (FT-3486)

New tax details are needed for STP2 reporting to ATO, Xero has given a hard deadline as March 31st to migrate all their clients to update their employees with STP2 reporting details.


ATO has also combined the loan debt fields that are available on Tax details page in enableHR & eSS and is accepting this information using a single field called ‘Study Training and Support Loans’.



Clients who use Xero as their Payroll integration and Open API users who maintain tax details under ‘Payroll → Tax ’ are presented with new fields for 'Income Type', 'Tax Scale Type', 'Tax File Declaration Singed' and ‘Study Training and Support Loans’ fields.

Xero integrations [Import & Export] will now include these additional details while exchanging information between both the systems.



eSS Changes for Tax details

Background (FT-3618)

ATO is accepting various types of Loan debt details through a single field as ‘Study Training and Support Loans’ during TFN declaration.


eSS users of the clients who uses Xero as Payroll integration will notice a new field as ‘Study Training and Support Loans’ in place of the four debt loan fields.



OpenAPI Changes for Tax details

Background (FT-3602 & FT-3604)

Open API users who uses API end points to read and maintain tax details of employees need additional STP2 related data in them.


OpenAPI end points ‘Retrieve Tax Details’ and ‘Maintain Tax Details’ has been added with the new STP2 fields along with STSL (Study Training and Support Loans) fields


OpenAPI Changes in 'Retrieve Employees'

Update (FT-3567)

Candidate to employee conversion made through enableHR/HRA occurred date and time can now be accessed through ‘Retrieve employee details’ API end point.

Training & Qualifications alert notification emails now available for self service users

Background (FT-3405)

A highly requested enhancement to an existing feature is to send self service users notification emails for any upcoming training and qualifications that are soon expiring. 

We have implemented this feature and is now live to all clients that have self service. 



See this KB article <TBC> for detailed information on how the training and qualification notification emails work for your self service users



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