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enableHR Tactical Release 2023.02.24



Self Service Message 'click here to login' link broken in email

Background (FT-3592)

The login URL inserted in the email sent out to self service users when a self service message is sent was directing the user to a broken link.


We updated the self service email login URL to send to the correct domain

News & Resources redirect links broken

Background (FT-3585)

The “News & Resources“ link as well as the “Click here to see all HR resources“ did not take the user to the correct blog.


We updated the redirect links to now send the user to the correct blog post if they click these links

Request Approval email link providing HSTS error

Background (FT-3581)

We have links in our checklist step approval emails that allow users to instantly approve the checklist step. 

When a user clicked on this approval button in the email, it took them to a page similar to the below.



We updated our proxy and DNS settings to stop this issue from occurring.

  • A number of security fixes
  • Broken logo added to browser tab favicon
  • Fixes to pop-up help messages
  • Fixes to document template question ordering
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