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enableHR Tactical Release 2022.12.09



Table borders removed from email templates

Background (FT-3327)

Emails sent out via the checklist 'Send Email' step can be customised to reduce manual entering of information each time a user completes a certain checklist. We often find that clients will request their onboarding or pre-employment checklists to have these custom email templates added. 

There was a bug found where some of the HTML styling in the template was being removed from the email sent to the user. 


We updated the code to allow the HTML styling for table borders and some other common styles. 

Error appears when viewing completed approval step in checklist

Background (FT-3391)

Within our checklist there is a ‘request approval’ step where users can request approval from 1-5 separate users for a document, position, etc

Once a request is approved, the user can access the approval history to review the notes and users who approved the request.

A bug occurred where if the checklist that contains the approval step is linked to a candidate that is now converted to an employee, if you attempt to review the approval steps on the checklist it will not allow the user in and throw an error up and you cannot see the approval history.



The code is now updated to provide users access to the approval history if they are permitted to view the approval history.

OPR checklists with >1 additional assessors receive multiple emails per checklist

Background (FT-3330)

Within our OPR checklists users can select additional assessors to complete the employee’s appraisal. By default we have 1 additional assessor, however we can configure up to 5 for the client as needed.

Each time an OPR checklist would launch with >1 additional assessor, the system would send out multiple emails per assessor involved in the OPR checklist.


We updated the performance appraisal email to send out to just the participant and not to all participants with the role.

This means that for each participant involved in the OPR checklist, they will only receive the one email per checklist.

Record Export CSV - Display linked branches for register record types

Background (FT-3351)

For our record export CSV report with the employee record type, we show any linked branches within the branch column of the report.

When running the record export CSV report with other record types like WHS register items, the linked branches do not show.


Now all the linked branches for any register item will show on the record export CSV



  • Some sensitive notes permission enhancements - see View Sensitive Notes 
  • Incremental security and vulnerability fixes


  • Enhancements to our Help Message feature
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